IT Benefits


Prompt uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) which provides an on demand computing platform and APIs. The benefits to utilising such a comprehensive cloud platform includes:

  • Scalability – an auto scaling infrastructure that can expand and contract based on demand.
  • Reliability and redundancy – two instances of any service running constantly, enabling ability to conduct updates in real time without interrupting access.
  • Security – tamper proof, significant auditing focus, a system that is baked in, rather than added on.
  • Geared for growth – globally, potential to move across industries.

Auto-Login & Anonymous User Accounts

Health organisations may have thousands of users, the majority of which only need to find and download information and do not require administrative privileges. To solve this challenge Prompt supports the following advanced user account features:

Secure Auto-Logins

All user accounts have a secure auto-login function which logs a user in simply by accessing a unique URL. Many organisations make use of this feature by publishing an organisation or department wide desktop icon to further simplify access to Prompt.

Anonymous Document Downloads

Organisations can optionally allow the download of documents externally by providing a direct link which can be embedded in another document, website or PDF document. By default Prompt offers the latest version of the document for download so you don’t need to update old links.

Dedicated Help Desk

Our support centre is available Monday to Friday,  8:30am to 5:00pm AEST
(excluding Victorian public holidays).

We have a dedicated team to attend to your queries.