Management Benefits

Reduced Management Costs

Prompt tracks and manages your organisation’s documents by departments and sections while letting knowledgeable staff within your organisation have easy access to update information quickly.

By nominating responsible users at different levels (e.g. by department) within your organisation you leverage their time and expertise to get the highest quality documents, which are immediately available to all users. Prompt users get the latest information, even when linking from an old document or web page.

Tighter Management Control

When a document is updated in Prompt the document is tagged, versioned and then converted to PDF. All resulting printed/emailed copies of the document then contain the document ID, version number, last updated date, last review date, responsible user and attached accreditation frameworks.

Users responsible for administering documents are automatically reminded by email when it’s time for a review (each document has its own review schedule).

This means zero confusion about the version or origin of a document and ensures that information is refreshed and within quality guidelines.

Simplify Accreditation Processes

Prompt allows you to attach documents to any number of accreditation frameworks for simple management of your accreditation processes.

Now you can report on all documents that adhere to a specific framework section and see when they were last updated and reviewed.

Identify Best Practices

Prompt allows the unique opportunity of information sharing with other health organisations. This allows administrators to establish Best Practices via comparision with other organisations’ documents.

Documents can be imported from another organisation and linked so that when the original document is updated the responsible user within your organisation is notified about the change automatically.

Easy Reporting and Auditing

Prompt maintains a full audit trail. With built-in reports you can easily discover:

  • Who made a change to a specific document
  • Which user accounts have logged in during a time period
  • How many times a document was accessed in a time period
  • The search terms your users are using to find documents within Prompt
  • A list of documents in a department
  • A list of documents that need to be reviewed