Since commencing the role of Policies and Procedures Administrator, I have found Prompt quite user friendly and simple to use. Most features I was able to figure out without assistance, and when I needed assistance, the Prompt Support team were quick to respond in a timely manner and followed up with my query to ensure the issue was resolved. That allowed work to proceed with my assignments without interruption or delay.

Kilmore Hospital first signed up to Prompt in 2014. For us the benefits in using this system were realised early on and continue. We have utilised Prompt to develop and build an improved structure for document ownership and accountability for review. Prompt is user friendly and requires very little training for the end user. Its functionality enables easy to follow document management processes. Support from the Prompt team is timely, friendly and experienced. We have just had training to introduce the new Prompt version to our organisation and look forward to utilising its new and improved functions.


PROMPT was easy to use from the very beginning; it enabled us to simplify and streamline our document review process. PROMPT has become an integral part of the organisational governance. Its simplicity of use and reporting enable overview and accountability of documents across the organisation.